Resources for educators working with people in custodial settings

Australian based resources for people who educate people on the topic of hepatitis C in custodial settings.

Staying Safe in Prison – Hepatitis C Video

Staying Safe in Prison Hepatitis C Video is shown to all new prisoners in South Australia and was produced by the Hepatitis C Council of South Australia, the South Australian Film Corporation and the South Australian Department of Corrective Services. It has been translated into Vietnamese.

Sistas staying strong – Hepatitis C DVD

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A DVD made by and for Indigenous women prisoners living with hepatitis C. The DVD is designed specifically to be viewed in waiting rooms of custodial settings environment, where the information can be played repetitively. Copies can be ordered for a cost of $20.

Family Planning Queensland

In collaboration with the Department of Corrective Services, the Correctional Facilities Education Project has developed an education and training model for blood-borne virus and sexual health education. Inmates have been involved in the development of project resources including: health promotion poster series (11 posters), reception information booklet and health promotion deck of cards. The project was funded to June 2004.

Prisons Hepatitis C Helpline – Hepatitis C Council of NSW

Hep C Helpline 1800 803 990

Helpline for NSW prison inmates and their families, and Corrections Staff. This service is provided by the Hepatitis C Council of NSW. Promotional calling cards and posters are available for the Hep C Helpline and the Prisons Hep C Helpline. Please contact the Helpline if you are able to assist with their distribution.

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Tattoos, Body art and Hepatitis C in prisons – Hepatitis C Council of Victoria

This resource has been produced by the Hepatitis C Council of Victoria for prisoners. The booklet has been designed in comic book format. The comic tells the story of Mark and his partner, Anita. Mark has contracted hepatitis C after getting a tattoo in prison. The comic warns others of the dangers of blood borne virsues in the prison environment.

Resource can be order through the Hepatitis C Council of Victoria:
Telephone: 03 9380 4644
Victorian country callers: 1800 703 003